Monday, May 9, 2011

Bobolink at South Padre Island, 5/5/11

Last spring I failed miserably at chasing good birds on South Padre Island. I missed 'em all. But this last week has been different with the Black-vented Oriole and Lazuli Bunting. And now I can add another of my nemesis species to my Texas and Cameron County lists....Bobolink! They are usually one day wonders out on the island, but with conscientious birders putting out a little seed at the Valley Land Fund lot on Sheepshead, this one stayed for one more day so I could see it. Not a great shot but I'm still quite happy to have Bobolink on my Texas list.

At the Convention Center this late scruffy Prothonotary Warbler had his face covered with the sticky maroon pollen that this species occasionally picks up in Central America. I have no idea what kind of plant it comes from.

I learned a new field mark for the Yellow-headed Blackbird. I guess that's a better name than 'Yellow-sphinctered Blackbird".

Though primarily insectivorous, lots of warblers will eat an occasional berry. This Bay-breasted has a fiddlewood berry. I frequently see Yellow-breasted Chats feeding on pigeon berries in my yard. And of course berry-eating is what allows Yellow-rumped Warblers to winter so far north.

Usually we ignore female Painted Buntings in favor of their more birghtly colored mates. This female in the sun is a good looking bird in its own right.

Several Blackpoll Warblers have been seen on the Island this spring.

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