Saturday, April 26, 2014

South Padre Island Passerines, 4/25/14

Lots of good stuff has been seen the past week at SPI so I thought it was time to get out there and work on the year list and get some photos.  The wind was blowing from the east which is a bit unusual so I hoped something may have dropped in.  Turned out to be a pretty normal spring day on the Island.  Buntings and grosbeaks were aplenty.  I have a tough time getting photos I like of Painted Bunting but these were pretty good.

Here's an Indigo Bunting getting dressed for some springtime action.

I really like Blue Grosbeaks.  One good thing about them and Painted Buntings is that they stay for the summer.  Brushline road is a good place for both of them.  This one was working on a sunflower at Sheepshead.

Finally got my Scarlet Tanager for the year.  Thanks to the other Scarlet for putting out the fruit to attract these guys.

I saw fifteen species of warblers for the day which is pretty average for a non-fallout late April day. Unfortunately I had my stupid camera on the wrong mode and butchered about half of my photos.  Or maybe it was the photographers fault.  Best warbler for me was this male Blackpoll Warbler.  Love those orange legs.

Here's a very late Hermit Thrush.  Notice the rusty tail.

I thought my Gray-cheeked Thrush pics would come out good but I guess there just wasn't enough light.

Today was the one year anniversary of our big fallout last spring when SPI was covered with orioles, buntings and warblers.  Baltimore Orioles were around today but nothing like last year.

Here's a photo from one year ago today.

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