Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cold day at South Padre Isalnd, 11/14/14

We had a very strong cold front blow into the RGV over the past few days and I was hoping it might bring in some interesting birds.  So Honey and I drove out to South Padre Island  to see what was about.  In particular I was hoping from sparrows.  However it was not to be as I saw not a single one.  But I was happy to see the Winder Wren that had been found during the recent RGV Bird Festival.  I managed only a single decent shot as it ran around like a mouse through the vegetation at the convention center.

Otherwise it was cold, windy and almost birdless.  An Orange-crowned Warbler hunted over the water feather and there were a couple of feuding Gray Catbirds.

At the Valley Land Fund's Sheepshead lot there was a cold Northern Parula and a couple of Ruby-crowns.

Afterwards we checked out the headquarters at Laguna Atascosa NWR and didn't find much.  Driving back along FM 106 I saw a three distant ducks on the resaca that looked like possible female Hooded Mergansers.  My expensive new Swarovski scope proved me right.  Here's a shot taken with Honey's phone.

Well, that wasn't so great.  I took it from Honey's Facebook page and that didn't work too well.  I will get better at this.

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