Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Boca Chica, 8/5/15

I ran out to Boca Chica this morning to try out my new 1.4 extender and to check out the jetties.  Not a lot going on today except for some interesting juvenile plumages.  There were several scaly young Laughing Gulls.

This one has a few gray first winter feathers sprouting.

Here's an adult losing its summer plumage.

There were also some interesting young Royal Terns.

Not sure what to make of this plumage.

A young Least Tern.

My last visit to the jetty witnessed lots of feeding terns.  But there wasn't much action today.  Here's a Black Tern.

And a fly by Common Tern.  The dark outer rectrices along with the head pattern are the best field marks. 

Several Ruddy Turnstones still had their breeding plumage.  Adults always return from their breeding grounds before the young of the year.

Anyone lose a Piping Plover?  I guess we learn things by banding them but it looks uncomfortable to me.

Not much happening when I have to resort to photographing crustaceans.  I forget what these are called but they're supposed to make good bait.  But how would you catch them?  They're really fast.

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