Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Collared Plover at Hargill Playa.

This morning local birders, Mary Beth Stowe and Pat Heirs found a Collared Plover at the Hargill playa on 1st and Lincoln.  This is only twelve days earlier than when I found the one there last year on Aug. 2.  Pat and Mary Beth are members of the Birder Patrol who regularly check out less commonly birded areas across the Rio Grande Valley.  I knew they would find something good someday.  Congratulations to Pat and Mary Beth for finding this 3rd USA record.  I ran up right after I got the call from Mary Beth and was able to get a few photos.

Now the questions begin.  This is an adult bird.  Is it the same one as last year?  The playas has been covered many times since the last bird disappeared last August.  In fact I was out there just a few days ago and failed to see it.  Are they breeding somewhere in the area?   There's quite a few barren saline playas in the area.  There's lots of water in the playa so maybe this one will hang around a while.

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