Friday, October 2, 2015

Red-naped Sapsucker in Port Isabel, 10/2/15

Yesterday George and Scarlet Colley found an interesting supsucker at the water featcher at their home in Port Isabel.  When the photos were posted last night, one image suggested the possibility that the bird was a hatch year Red-breasted Sapsucker.  Well, Honey and I ran out there this morning to get some photos. Turns out it's a Red-naped Sapsucker which was George and Scarlet's first impression.  The black feathers can be seen coming in below the red throat.  Either way it was still my 385th Cameron County bird.

Another good bird put in an appearance while we were waiting, my first ever fall Bay-breasted Warbler.

Then we ran over to South Padre Island where there were a few migrants at Sheepshead and the Convention Center.  Here's a Philadelphia Vireo.

My first ever Bewick's Wren on SPI.  It this a migrant or just a bird wandering over from the mainland?

Northern Waterthrush.

Saw about ten Wilson's Warblers.

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