Saturday, October 24, 2015

South Padre Island, 10/23/15

With the unsettled weather and the remnants of Hurricane Patricia on the way, I thought I would check out the migrant situation on South Padre Island.  Scarlet had reported a warbler with big white wingbars that reminded her of a Blackpoll or Bay-breasted at Sheepshead.  She was right, a beautifly first winter Bay-breasted Warbler.

I also wanted to get the Palm Warbler at the Convention Center on my year list.  It was still there though hard to get close to.

Eleven species of warbler between the two sites was a pretty good haul for late October.  Here's a few more of them.

Unusual for a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, this one foraged extensively on the ground.

I think this Empidonax is an Alder Flycatcher but it didn't call.

A couple of American Wigeon were my only ducks.

Exceptionally high tides had driven the shorebirds away from the flats behind the convention Center.  A few Willets and Marbled Godwits were all I could find.

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