Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rufous-backed Robin at Laguna Atascosa NWR, 11/22/10

Sunday afternoon a Rufous-backed Robin was found in the water feature at the visitors center at Laguna Atascosa NWR at 3:45 PM. So I got up the next morning and arrived at 8 AM figuring I could twich the robin and be about my business. Well it wasn't that easy and I waited around all day, wandering around, checking out juicy spots where I thought it might be hiding out. After almost deciding to give up and go home on several occasions, I thought I might as well wait till the designated time. And at 3:48 PM he pops out into the water feature and takes a bath. I couldn't believe it. Cameron County bird #352. I've been on a roll lately.

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This is the the sixth Rufous-backed Robin for the country this year. There's been two in the RGV, three in Arizona and one in New Mexico. This species is native to the west coast of Mexico and the Rio Balsas watershed. No matter where these birds are coming from they're travelling more than 500 miles. I wonder what's going on down there and if it will cause other species to wander up this way.

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While waiting for the robin this late Wood Thrush put in an appearance.

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Most visiting birders to the RGV are blown away by the beauty of Green Jays. We local residents sometimes fail to appreciated them. This ones got his crest fluffed up a bit.

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Springman said...

Wonderful shots!
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Andrew said...

Thanks for not giving up! Now we all get to enjoy these wonderful photos. :)