Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yellow-faced Grassquit at Goose Island, 2/23/11

Yesterday Honey and I got up early and made the long journey to Goose Island State Park north of Rockport where a Yellow-faced Grassquit was found a few weeks ago. I saw the Bentsen bird back in 2002 but wanted some pics so I thought a trip was worthwhile. After a brief look and several hours of searching I eventually hit the jackpot at site 218. As I was the only there, sneaking up on the bird got me some good photos.

His travelling buddies included a flock of Field Sparrows.

And this Clay-colored Sparrow.

Unfortunately the Harris' Sparrow and Anna's Hummingbird were not so cooperative. One of the visiting birders discovered this Green Treefrog on a cocklebur. This is one of the cooler things I have ever seen.

The nearby family of Whooping Cranes at the Big Oak Tree were closer to the road than I had hopped.

One of them had both leg bands and a radio transmitter. Not sure I would want to fly a couple of thousand miles with those attached.

Then a run over to the Port Aransas Jetty for the Little Gull gave ame a brief look before a car scared the flock but no photo. Lots of Bonaparte's Gulls were not a good substitute

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troutbirder said...

Wonderful pictures. I really enjoyed. Although I'm only a 3rd year birder, I've made two winter trips to Florida. Think I shoudl think about Texas for next year. :)