Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mabuhay! from Cebu, Philippines

Well, here were are in he Philippines. Honey and I are visiting her family in Minglanilla, just south of Cebu City. We just got here yesterday and I'm already sweating like a pig. Staying here for four weeks without air conditioning will be a lot of fun although it wasn't too bad last night. Anyway I hope to get around a bit and see some cool birds and bugs. Still suffering from jetlag, so far all I've managed is a short walk around the neighborhood. With just Honey's point and shoot Elph I did manage a few pics. This sharp looking dragonfly seems to be common in the area.
I don't know if this is the female or something different.
We saw some interesting butterflies but this skipper was the only one that would pose.
Birdwise I've only seen four species so far. Lots of Eurasian Tree Sparrows, a few Olive-backed Sunbirds, a Glossy Swiftlet and the Pied Fantail that is calling out the window right now so I gotta go!

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John said...

can't wait for more pictures like these! so jealous!