Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tropical Parula at Edinburg Scenic Wetlands, 10/2/13

This morning I ran up to the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands to look for John Brush's Tropical Parula.  It only took me a few minutes and the bird wa very cooperative.  This is my first Tropical Parula for the Valley this year and my best photos ever.

From there I decided to go down to McAllen and visit Quinta Mazatlan to look for two more of John's birds, American Robin and Blue Jay.  These common eastern birds are very uncommon, especially the jay, in the Valley.  Well. I spent three hours and couldn't find either one.  But there were other things to photograph like this Philadelphia Vireo.

When I first saw this vireo, I saw yellow undertail coverts and thought about Yellow-green Vireo, but the sides aren't yellow enough and the bill is too small and too dark.  So it's just a Red-eyed Vireo.

This Summer Tanager was enjoying the sprinkler.

And this Great Kiskadee was sporting a fancy hairdo.

This has been the summer for Ruddy Daggerwings.  These two were in a flowering Coma along with a Red-bordered Pixie.

The little pond at Quinta Mazatlan holds what may be the easiest to observe population of Caribbean Yellowfaces anywhere in the country.

So it was a nice morning getting to visit two city parks, that I don't get to often enough.

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