Tuesday, March 25, 2014

South Padre Island, 3/25/14

After reading Michael Marsdens post on Texbirds last night I decided I needed to get out to the Island.  The wind was still blowing from the north and it was a very good day for March with eleven species of warblers.  My favorite was this super sharp Blue-winged Warbler that I saw saw quite a few times but it took a couple of hours to finally get a photo.

r Blue-winged Warbler SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2548

Most of the birds were far more cooperative like this Louisiana Waterthrush.

r Louisiana Waterthrush SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2434

The Hooded Warblers were so abundant and fearless I was afraid I would step on them.

r Hooded Warbler SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2460

There were plenty of Northern Parulas also.  Most of the birds today were males headed north to stake out their territories before the females get there.

r Northern Parula SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2258

My first Kentucky Warbler of the year was feeding along the fuchsia colored wall where I saw one last year.

r Kentucky Warbler SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2110

This Worm-eating Warbler is the first I've ever seen in March.  I usually have a tough time getting a photo of one so I'll take any pose I can get.

r Worm-eating Warbler SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2047

This migrant Orange-crowned Warbler is much duller than most of the ones that winter here.  You can just barely make out some orange on the ....uhm.....crown.

r Orange-crowned Warbler SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2379

I saw quite a few Yellow-throated Warblers during the winter but I still can't resist taking their pictures.

r Yellow-throated Warbler SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2077

Yellow-throated Vireos pass through here pretty early and I often miss them.  Glad to see three of them today.  This one has a lump on it's neck and was missing a few feathers on the nape.

Yellow-throated Vireo SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2489

Here's our common vireo.  White-eyed Vireos on South Padre Island are migrants but some will stay and breed inland.  Their song is a common summer sound in the south Texas brush.

r White-eyed Vireo SPI 3-25-14 IMG_2200

Other firsts for the season for me were Baird's Sandpiper, Chimney Swift and Eastern Kingbird.  I'm sure I missed quite a few birds as I spend most of my time trying to get some good photos.  But we still have two more months of migration so I have time to get caught up.

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