Sunday, November 18, 2018

Wild Muscovy Duck at Progreso Lakes, 11/18/18

I was checking out the resaca behind out yard at Progreso Lakes today when I noticed a small, all black Muscovy Duck.  I know the fat black and white domestic Muscovies that hang out in our resaca and this bird looked so small.  Observing it through the scope, I noticed the bill was striped and the face was all black except for two red warts above the bill.  I shot a few photos and lost sight of the bird.  Then I started to walk over to a visiting butterfly watcher when the small black Muscovey shot past me.  I've never seen any of the local ducks do that.  Their flight always seems so labored.  At this point I feel I have to call it a wild Muscovy Duck.  They occur in small numbers about fifty miles up river so a wild bird down here is not inconceivable.

For the time being, unless someone gives me a good reason to call it domestic, this will be yard bird #202 and Hidalgo County bird #401.  Yikes!

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