Sunday, April 19, 2020

Garganey at Aransas NWR, 4/19/20

Back in the spring of 1985 I had twisted my life into such a mess that though I lived in Brownsville, I was unable to see the drake Garganey that spent a month near Kingsville.  A few years later I got to see one at Buenas Aires NWR in Arizona.  But for the past 25 years since returning to Texas, I've been waiting for another to grace our state.  Well, despite shelter in place orders for the pandemic, a birder discovered one a week ago at Aransas NWR.  So I shot right up there, feeling confident with the bird having been sighted on Jones Pond.  It had to be a good omen.  But it was not seen again.

That is it wasn't seen for five days but then it reappeared at Heron Flats less than a mile from the original location.  So I made another run and got lucky this time.  It was distant and hidden except for a few seconds now and then.  But I got identifiable photos and the dead Garganey that has hung from my neck for the past 35 years can finally be removed.

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