Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back in Cebu City

Well, we're back in Cebu City in the Philippines after a successful two weeks in Borneo. We pretty much struck out on the mega rarities but still saw about 160 species including about 110 lifers. Best bird was probably the Garnet Pitta I was able to whistle into close range. We also saw six species of hornbills including the super Rhinocerous Hornbill and the hard to find White-crested Hornbill. We got quite a few babblers and bulbuls but did poorly on trogons, woodpeckers and raptors. We completely missed the Whitehead's trio at Mount Kinabalu. All in all it was a great trip and we came in under budget spending about $1400 for the two weeks. I'll file a complete trip report with pics when we get back to the states in three weeks.

Next up will be a day trip to Olongo Island next week to look for shorebirds. After that we'll make a trip to Bohol to visit Raja Sikatuna National Park to look for some of the endemics like Yellow-breasted Tailorbird and Streaked Ground-babbler we have missed on past trips. I'm armed with calls this time so maybe we'll do better.

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Anonymous said...

stumbled into a birder in Cebu City

when I get my tele I will also go birding, as well as butterfly watching

lots of them here in 'pinas :)