Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello from the jungles of Borneo

We've been here in Borneo for only four days and so far have seen 101 species of birds including 63 lifers. And I've only had to suffer four leech bites. The biggest one was a two inch tiger leech our boatman removed from my neck. It took about half an hour to stop the bleeding. We spent three days at Sepilok Forest Edge Resort which has some a great trail through the forest and two days at Robert Chong's Kinabatangan Jungle Camp. Our sightings include six species of hornbills, two pittas, six babblers and lots of other good stuff. We also have seen seven species of primates including Orangutan aand Bornean Gibbon. We'll post some pics later. Tomorrow we're off to Poring Hot Springs for more great birds. Selemat tinggal.


Anonymous said...

I know its worth the leeches for that many beautiful bird species, but that tiger leech sounds scary! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

leech or no leech. the birds sightings are very rewarding in sabah.