Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missouri Odes

I spent a few weeks this summer in Fair Grove, Missouri to be with my father during his passing. After the memorial service I was able to get out and look at a few odes. A nearby gravelly, dolomite bottomed stream gave up some new bugs for me. Here's the magnificent Dragonhunter.

Another new Gomphid for me was the exquisite, diminutive Interior Least Clubtail.

This Cyrano Darner eating an American Rubyspot was also new for me.

Widow Skimmers were common.

A few miles away at the old Iron Bridge crossing of the Pom de Terre River I found my first Slaty Skimmer.

Stream Bluet was another new one.

As was Spring-water Dancer.

Lots of American Rubyspots around.

And everyone's favorite, the Ebony Jewelwing.

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