Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Old Port Isabel Road, 6/16/14

Yesterday I made my annual run out to Old Port Isabel Road to look for Botteri's Sparrows and butterflies.  My first stop to listen resulted in a call that reminded me of a kingbird, but it wasn't coming from up on the wires.  It was was on the ground and turned out to be a family of Wilson's Plovers.  I did a little pish and they came running up. all three of them.

Then I checked out the loma to get some desert birds for the Cameron County year list.  Here's a Cactus Wren.

A Brown-crested Flycatcher.  The heavy bill and yellow below rule our Ash-throated.

And a Lark Sparrow.

I also got a Verdin, Olive Sparrow, White-eyed Vireo and Bewick's Wren before moving on.  Cassin's Sparrows were singing in the distance but nary a Botteri's.  This guy looked like a candidate but when it opened in mouth it was just another Cassin's Sparrow.

Other birds along the road included Chihuahuan Raven, White-tailed Hawk, Gull-billed Terns and Laughing Gulls.  My final birds were a pair of Long-billed Curlews.

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