Thursday, June 12, 2014

There goes the neighborhood! 6/12/14

I was checking out a butterfly in our garden this morning when I heard the "chee-omp  chee-omp" call of Red-crowned Parrots and observed three of them fly into the back yard.  I ran through the house to the back yard but they took off and I failed to get a photo.  Then I heard one back in the front yard calling "chee-omp" with some extra notes at the end that seemed unfamiliar.  Could the Red-lored Parrot be back?  So I ran back through the house to the front yard and heard it call again from our golden rain tree.  There it was munching on flowers and calling to the Red-crowns who were now down the street.

Not liking the camera, the Red-lored Parrot took off to join its congeners and was immediately replaced by a flock of eight Green Parakeets.  These three seemed to be enjoyed a peaceful grooming session.

And then all hell broke loose.  The was plenty of screeching accompanying the following battle.

Mr. Green Anole didn't seem too concerned as he watched from the garden.

Anyway the parrots took off and are probably causing trouble in someone else's yard now.

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