Friday, February 26, 2016

McCook, 2/26/16

Two weeks ago Mary Gustafson found a few Mountain Plovers southwest of McCook near where they were seen last winter.  I ran out last week but could not find them so I made another try today after they were reported again yesterday.  42 of them were still there in a plowed field on the gas compressor road 1.8 miles south of FM 490.

One of them sported colored bands on the legs.  I could not read any numbers but still reported it the the USGS.  Hope I hear from the bander some day.  Mountain Plover is becoming a threatened species as their short grass prairie breeding gounds dwindle.

Last week I missed the Mountain Plovers but was happy to score the wintering Prairie Falcon.

Plenty of sparrows in the area including Lark Bunting which can be hard to find down here.

And Lark Sparrow,

And Vesper Sparrow.

I drove Jara China Road south looking for my three Hidalgo County nemesis desert birds; Scaled Quail, Chihuahuan Raven and Black-tailed Gnatcatcher.  I played some calls but nobody answered.  I'll try again some day.

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