Friday, October 12, 2018

White-crowned Pigeon at South Padre Island, 10/4/18

I was cleaning out my SD card and realized I had not posted this so here goes.  Honey's parents are visiting from the Philippines and we decided to take them up to San Antonio to see the Spurs last week.  After we had been on the road a couple of hours my WhatsApp dinged and it turned out that Javi Gonzalez had just found a White-crowned Pigeon at the Birding Center on South Padre Island.  Wow!  The first accepted record for Texas of this Caribbean species, a juvenal in Galveston, was just accepted last year.  There was was a previous sight record from the Laguna Madre years ago.  So this was a biggie.  No way I could turn around and go see it.   So I rolled my frustrations into a bitter little pill and swallowed.  The chances of this bird staying were slim at best.

Well, we watched the Spurs and did some other stuff and headed for home the next day.  Dang, the bird was still there.  My next fear was that it was not healthy and some do-gooder would want to capture it for rehabilitation.  But it was still there when we got home, so I raced out to the Island.  The bird is still present as I write this a week later.  Apparently it is feeding on the fruit of native plants on the park grounds.

Honey and I saw quite a few of them in Florida in the Everglades and on the Keys last year.  But I never thought I would see one in Texas.

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