Saturday, September 29, 2018

Dickcissel Madness at Progreso Lakes, 9/29/18

I was mowing our yard today at Progreso Lakes and listening to the popping shot guns of the dove hunters across the large sorghum field in front of our house.  Lots of Red-winged Blackbirds were flying around and flocks of paler birds that I assumed were House Sparrows.  I took a break for dinner and was watching the birds through the window and I thought the flocks of House Sparrows seemed a little tighter than normal.  Hmmmmm.......Dickcissels?  I grabbed the binocs and sure enough there were gobs of Dickcissels in front of our house.  I ran out with the camera and started shooting.

I was going to estimate a couple of hundred but then I saw more flocks.

So I was going to bump to total to 500 and then a really big flock took off.  I settled on 1500.  May have been more.  That was just on my end of the field.

A bunch of them landed in the neighbor's yard.  That substantially increased my one day previous high total of twelve.

Earlier in the day I saw a couple of Wood Storks across the water.

And we got our first Peregrine Falcon of the fall.

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