Monday, January 27, 2020

New Yard Bird at Progreso Lakes, 1/27/20

My yard's sprinkler irrigation system has been a real pain lately.  The back yard would spray but not the front or vice versa.  But I finally tracked down my valves and decided today was the day to clean them out.  Well, after a morning's work I got the system working a little better so I decided I deserved an afternoon nap.  As I was pulling the blinds in the bedroom I saw something through the window in the bird bath.  Wow!  A beautiful male Pyrrhuloxia!   I grabbed the camera and ran outside being careful to not slam the door.  I came out firing just as the sprinkler sprayed at the bird bath.  Not much of a shot but at least I got something.  Yard bird #222.

This winter has been very dry locally and the brush country is experiencing some severe drought.  As a result many people are finding birds in their yards that would normally only be seen out in the south Texas brush.  We've been hosting as many as ten Northern Cardinals in our yard when usually we have a pair at the most.  We've also have a Verdin and an Olive Sparrow hanging around.  I'm sure the Pyrrhuloxia was attracted by the water was happy to find my lush native patch.  Audubon's Orioles are are also popping up all over the Valley so I'm hoping maybe I'll get one of them next.

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