Thursday, January 7, 2021

Good Day after a Bad Day, 1/7/21

Wow, yesterday was such a bad day.  On 9/11 I watched in horror.  Yesterday I was just naseous and heart broken but I think I felt worse.  Maybe America can mend but there may be too many jackasses.  If these were desparate jobless starving people I could understand.  But all I saw was a bunch of fat hateful racists.  I bet Putin was laughing his ass off while most Americans cried.  And Trump pouted.

Anyway I felt better when I got up this morning and looked out the window and saw this plucky White-throated Sparrow in our Progreso Lakes yard.  It was only our second ever.

And I finally got the Fulvous Whistling-Duck for the year list.

Honey wanted to work out today so I dropped her off at the gym and I ran over to nearby Quinta Mazatlan.  I'm not really serious about doing a big year but there are so many good birds around now that I feel I should tick them just in case I change my mind.  Everyone was seeing good stuff at Quinta today but it took me a while to get "tuned in."  Things started slow.  I missed Bert and Baceliza's Blue Bunting at the Amphitheater but I got the Black-headed Grosbeak.

I couldn't find the Pacific-slope Flycatcher in the Ebony Grove but I got poor shots of the Dusky-capped Flycatcher after other birders found it.

So I headed over to the Discovery Center where a male Blue Bunting had been seen.  No problem!

I was back in the groove.  I got good looks at the female Black-headed Grosbeak but I failed to get a photo.  So here's one of the ten Clay-colored Thrushes.

My juices were flowing so I went back to the Ebony Grove and easily found the Pacific-slope Flycatcher.

So what the hell, I went back over to the Amphitheater and found the female Blue Bunting I had missed earlier.

I would rather be lucky that good.  But sometimes I just like being good!

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