Sunday, January 31, 2021

Dunlin at Progreso Lakes, 1/31/21

I looked out the bedroom window this morning and saw what looked like a Zonotrichia sparrow with this thick black stripes on the head.  I didn't see any white like a White-crowned would have.  It looked like a Golden-crowned but I didn't see any yellow.  I ran out side with the camera and couldn't find it.  Maybe it was just a molting White-crowned.  Anyway I spent much of the day on our porch watching my brush patch and hoping for a reoccurrence of the mystery sparrow.  

And while I was watching for the sparrow, I happened to see  a flock of Long-billed Dowitchers streaking by over the resaca.  I fired a few quick shots and looked at the back of my camera.  It was obvious one of the birds was smaller with a long decurved bill.  I just assumed it was our first Stilt Sandpiper of the year.  What a surprise when, while editing the photos, I discovered the Stilt Sanbdpiper had short legs and a dark bar on the rump.  I was actually a Dunlin which is pretty rare away from the coast and bird #235 for our Progreso Lakes yard.

In this shot the Dunlin is on the right side of the Long-billed Dowitchers.

Meanwhile the Clay-colored Sparrow continues.

As does my White-throated Sparrow.

Listers are never satisfied so I will be hoping for the return of my mystery sparrow.  However that Dunlin was a species I thought I would never record for our yard so I think I will bask in the glory of that one for a bit.

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